GSA Contract Procurement


About CCMS

Covenant Contract Management Services began GSA contract services in July 2001 - driven in response to drastic changes within the government procurement system and industries response to those changes. We have a competent staff with broad experience in defense related logistics, civil government procurement needs and commercial off-the-shelf product potential. CCMS has rapidly become a leader in providing complete GSA contract management services for "Taking your product into the government market place."

CCMS understands the logistical shortfalls from every standpoint and realizes the challenges associated with not having the resources to do the job. Having that valuable insight, our staff is able to help clients successfully expand their corporate customer base, open contracts with government agencies.

CCMS has enjoyed assisting business entities of all sizes in initiating and managing government sales. Small start-up businesses often lack the financial backing to take on the staff overhead for this type of expertise and, for larger corporations, government sales is often just one part of corporate sales and marketing.


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