GSA Contract Procurement



CCMS brings over 35 years of government procurement and acquisition experience to your sales and marketing team.

Our Services include:

GSA Contract Consulting
Covenant Contract Management Services (CCMS) is a full-service GSA contract management agency that provides industry with GSA contract expertise – writing proposals, assuming management responsibility of awarded contracts, initiating GSA modifications and updating GSA Advantage on-line procurement files.

CCMS becomes an integral part of your sales team, cuts through the endless red tape and locates the right federal agency. We ensure you are talking to the right person within the GSA to help avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, frustration and time delays. LEARN MORE

GSA Contracts
GSA contract schedules establish long-term government wide contracts with companies to provide products and services. At CCMS we help your company become listed as a supplier, we help you get verified to sell to the federal government and we help you get listed in the proper catalogue. We help you prepare all the necessary forms and documents, come up with competitive pricing agreements, determine which products to sell and how to negotiate on the money side to get the best possible outcome for your business. We are straightforward and there are never any secrets; the whole process is explained and we are here to help your company throughout the process. LEARN MORE

DOD E-mall
The DOD E-mall is an internet based electronic mall that is part of the department of defense program which allows military and other branches of the government search for and order items. CCMS helps your company navigate and become part of this lucrative network, working through the proper channels in order to procure the best contract for your company. LEARN MORE

GSA Contract Consulting
Our consulting services help your company obtain and maintain your GSA schedule contracts. We help to streamline the administration process and offer expert insight into the contract, helping you avoid the pitfalls and make a winning bid. We help keep the contract current and review the changes with you to keep you at the forefront of what the government is looking for in a contract as well as carefully monitor the regulatory changes as they occur to ensure your contract is always giving your business the best returns available.

GSA Contract Modifications
Once your company has a contract, we are here to maintain that contract and modify it when needed. This may include adding or deleting products or product lines, adjusting pricing on certain products or product lines, revising the administrative side of the deal or merging contracts. We also help with audit support, and when the time comes, contract extension taking your company through the entire process with honesty and integrity.


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